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Posted Date: 07/20/2018


We are excited about the opportunity to add 9th grade to Three Way ISD.  We are planning to add a grade each year!  We are also excited about announcing the planned construction of a new High School building.  Initial phases have already begun but the majority of the work will take place in January of 2018.  The building will be completed in time for us to add 10th grade beginning in August of 2018.  

What makes Three Way ISD different than all the rest?  I would have to say first we call ourselves FAMILY here at Three Way and we truly are.  Your child is not lost in the crowd… they truly mean something to all of us here.  Being a family means we look out for each other and it means we do whatever it takes to help every student succeed.  My personal mission is instill hope in all our students.  I want all of our students to have a growth mind set.  None of us can ever become stagnant.  We all need to constantly strive to improve and be the best we can be.  I can’t wait to instill this same mindset on our new High School students.  
Other areas that set us apart include our level of technology.  I would consider our technology that our students actually use second to none.  Technology is awesome IF it’s used.  Our students use it and starting at a young age.  Our students get Chromebooks starting in 3rd and 4th grade.  They are expected to use these daily on everything from research, uploading assignments, collaborting with their peers and much more.  I would consider our form of instruction a blended approach with an emphasis on being hands-on.  Student will receive direct instruction from teachers at all levels but they will spend the majority of their time actually DOING… or being hands-on, using technology or simply getting their hands dirty with the process of learning.
Another area that I would consider to be one of the best insentives are our class sizes.  We average around 10-12 students per grade/class.  A few grades have up to 15 but we like our class sizes to be small so that our students get more one-on-one time. Our goal is to have 12-15 9th graders.  Bottom line, your child will not fall between the cracks here at Three Way ISD.
Other Programs and incentives:  GT Program, NEW Learning CODE curriculum starting in 5th grade, Certified Outdoor Learning Center, STEM based instruction
COMING 2017:  FREE Wifi to all high school students without WiFi at home, Production Garden and Greenhouse, and much more. 

9th Grade Course Offerings for 2017
Core Classes – English I, World Geography, Biology, Algebra I (Offerred in 8th and 9th grade), Geometry
Athletics – Cross Country, Football, Basketball, Track, Volleyball, and Baseball
Foreign Language – Spanish
Fine Arts – 3D Modeling & Animation/Digital Arts
Career & Technical Courses (electives) and endorsement offerings – 
     We want to be great a few things instead of average at a lot.
     Business & Industry Endorsement
        Principles of Agriculture, Food, and Natural Resources
        Principles of Manufacturing
     STEM Endorsement
        Concepts of Engineering and Technology
        Principles of Arts, Audio/Video Technology, and Communications
     Multi-Disciplinary Studies Endorsement
        4 advanced courses from other endorsement area
        4 credits in each foundation subject area
        Dual credit selected from English, Math, Science, Social Studies, Economics, or LOTE

Our goal is not to put your child in front of a computer all day.  Our goal is to enrich your child with knowlege that is gained from hands-on learning experiences that is obtained from Teachers and the students’ experiences in and out of the classroom. When our students graduate from Three Way High School we want our students to leave with certifications and skills that help them in the real world.  We hope all our student attend college but regardless of their path, our studens will leave our school with the skills needed for the next level in life!  

We hope your child can join our FAMILY!