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Mr. Ryan, Superintendent


Paul Ryan |
Superintendent of Three Way Independent School District


Three Way ISD is a small school that seeks to ensure that every child has a name. We don’t let kids fall between the cracks. We want all students to feel they are a part of our family here at Three Way. This is Brave Nation!

Three Way ISD has very high academic standards and expectations. We strive to challenge our students daily to go beyond their comfort zone. We continue to raise the bar for all our students that are both high and low.

We take a lot of pride in the quality of technology at Three Way ISD. Our students deserve the best education and technology we can provide. We provide chromebooks for all K-12th students and our Pre-K classroom has a set of iPads and touch screen chromebooks. At the Junior High and High School levels, students have access to programs for video production skills, robotics, laser cutting, welding, and 3-D printing. These programs give students the opportunity to learn real-world skills to prepare them for today’s workforce.

Most importantly, we remember and focus on the “Heart” of the child. We must capture the heart of the child before we expect them to learn. Relationships are the key to student success and the number one reason for our success here at Three Way ISD. Help students believe in themselves. Without the heart, you will not reach the mind.

2021 we had our first graduating class. We have grown significantly over the past 8 years. It will be a true honor to shake the hands of each of these students…no the hands of my “kids”. I love them and I am proud of them.  

Mr. Ryan