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Mr. Ryan, Superintendent


Paul Ryan



Three Way Independent School District

Three Way ISD is a small school that prides itself in being innovative.  Our technology here at Three Way is as good as it gets.  We have Chrome Books for all our 5th-8th graders and more importantly they are used in all classrooms.  We have iPads available to all our elementary students.  We specialize in video production.  Our JH students are taught the skills to create quality videos.  Why is this important?  Video production can be applied to all classes and it promotes communication, collaboration, creativity, and critical thinking.  Our students and teachers take advantage of Google classroom as a tool to extend beyond the classroom.  Students are provided independent time to work on projects and assignments that are posted in Google Classroom.  Google Classroom is used to offer Algebra to our 8th Graders.

Three Way ISD has very high Academic standards and expectations.  We strive to challenge our students daily to go beyond their comfort zone.  As a result our Progress Measure has been above state average the past three years.  This means our students are improving at an above average rate.  We continue to raise the bar for all our students that are both high and low. 

Finally and in my opinion, most importantly, we remember and focus on the “Heart” of the child.  We must capture the heart of the child before we expect them to learn.  Relationships are the key to student success and the number one reason for our success here at Three Way ISD.  Help students believe in themselves.  Without the heart you will not reach the mind.

Mr. Ryan